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Magnolia Residence Sibiu, the largest residential project in the city of Sibiu, located in the West area, on Calea Șurii Mici, a project with 1132 apartments and 3 office buildings, launches a new type of investment in the real estate market in Sibiu. Thus, Magnolia Office Building, is the first office building in Calea Șurii Mici area, having a strategic position, located near the future Jutețean hospital, with easy access to Sibiu International Airport, A1 Motorway, West Industrial Zone of Sibiu, to be sold. and in small areas, starting from 118 sqm and with prices from 900 euro / sqm (offer valid only for the 3rd floor). This project is designed to meet the need for high quality commercial and office space, as well as small spaces in the new development area of ​​Sibiu.
          The Magnolia Office Building has a total area of ​​6900 square meters, with 2300 square meters included in the first building whose completion will be in the spring of 2020, thus becoming the first major project to sell office space and in small areas on a dominated rental market and where Office sales refer only to whole buildings.
         The concept launched by Magnolia Residence Sibiu is a first for the segment of large office projects in Sibiu and is aimed at the entire market, but especially for small and medium-sized companies, as well as investors. Thus, they have the opportunity to purchase office space with prices starting from 153,000 euros. An advantage is also the possibility to rent office spaces, amortizing the investment and ensuring a safe profit. In support of investors who want to rent office spaces later, our real estate agency offers market research and rental brokerage services.
          Magnolia Office Building is a unique opportunity in Sibiu, being located within the Magnolia Residence Sibiu residential complex, where up to 750 families live today, and another 365 apartments in various phases of construction. The complex will expand with approximately 600-800 apartments from 2021, and in the area there are other real estate projects.
         The ground floor of the Magnolia Office buildings is dedicated exclusively to the commercial spaces where there are two commercial spaces with street display. Recommended destinations: bank headquarters, shops, supermarket, restaurant, medical clinic, private kindergarten, etc.
     Office spaces are suitable for companies of any size. Recommended destinations are: IT&C, outsourcing, consulting and office activities, call center, medical clinic, security firm, etc.
      The main advantage of Magnolia Office offices is the flexibility, both in terms of the size of the office areas from 208 sqm to 2300 sqm, and the fact that they are easy to compartmentalize and manage. On the 5th floor, there are office spaces served by generous terraces.
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       The Eurosib Real Estate Agency Sibiu offers real estate and banking consultancy related to the acquisition of commercial spaces, office spaces, as well as the acquisition for rent.
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