The new stage in Belvedere Residence Sibiu includes 6 duplex houses

The new stage in Belvedere Residence Sibiu includes 6 duplex houses

       The developer of the real estate project Belvedere Residence Sibiu, located in the Municipality of Sibiu, Tunisor area, Ogorului str., is in phase 3 of development, which includes the construction of 81 apartments and 6 duplex houses. The first stage began with the construction of the first low-rise apartment building in 2015, and to date 230 apartments and 2 commercial spaces have been completed.
Stage 4 of development follows, during 2023 through the construction of 2 more apartment buildings.
        The entire Belvedere Residence Sibiu project combines the construction of duplex houses and low-rise apartment buildings.
        The construction of duplex apartments and houses offers an investment opportunity in the West Area of ​​Sibiu.
        Possibility of investment or family home
        The purchase of a duplex in Belvedere Residence Sibiu is an opportunity for those who want a duplex in the city of Sibiu, not in the localities near Sibiu (Cisnădie, Cristian, Șura Mică, Șura Mare, Șelimbăr), either for investment or for a family home, the offers of duplex houses being almost non-existent in Sibiu.
       Investment with a view to further rent is another opportunity with a good return, the duplexes being located in close proximity to the West Industrial Zone. According to the real estate agency Eurosib Imobiliare from Sibiu, the offer of duplex houses in Sibiu for rent is very weak, almost non-existent, and the demand is constantly increasing. The price of a duplex is compared to the price of a 4-room apartment or a 3-room penthouse apartment.
      The rent related to a duplex house is higher than that obtained for a 4-room apartment or a 3-room penthouse. The explanations are: the lack of supply of duplexes for rent, the high demand for this type of property for rent, the very good positioning being located both in the municipality of Sibiu and near the West Industrial Zone.
       Who are the possible tenants of a duplex:
• have pets (a dog or a cat), and living in an apartment is always a problem with the neighbors
• looking for houses/duplexes in the city of Sibiu
• young families with small children, who need their own yard/garden
• I want a home near the West Industrial Zone
• tenants with a rent budget above the market average
         If you do not qualify for the purchase of a duplex or want to invest in an apartment, investing in an apartment in the Belvedere Residence Sibiu complex is an inspired investment, the residential complex being located near the West Sibiu Industrial Zone, and the types of apartments being some of economic type, with average surfaces, generating an above-average rent amortization.
       Availability and property information
        You can find all the information about the available apartments and the types of duplexes on the complex's website, and the availability, which is updated in real time, can be found here .
      The 2- and 3-room apartments are delivered fully finished, turnkey, and the sale price includes an outdoor or underground parking, depending on the type of apartment. The deadline for submission is 30.07.2023.
     The duplex houses are handed over at the semi-finished stage, and the sale price also includes the arrangement of a parking space in the inner courtyard. The deadline for submission is 30.05.2023.
     The price of apartments and duplexes includes 5% VAT, which ATTENTION is valid from 2023 only for the first property purchased with 5% VAT, and for the next property the VAT will increase from 5% to 19%, which results and an increase in the price of the property proportional to the increase in VAT. More details are provided by the sales agents within the ensemble.
      For pre-contracts completed until 31.12.2023, the current VAT conditions are maintained, i.e. several properties can be purchased with 5% VAT, but on the condition that they are completed and the sale-purchase contract is completed in 2023.
     The sales team within the complex is at your disposal for consultation, viewing of the apartments and duplexes within the complex.
Robert Iordache – phone: 0745633772

Publicat: 25.09.2022

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