Real estate listings in the Piata Cluj Sibiu area

Real estate listings in the Piata Cluj Sibiu area. Real estate ads for sale or rent houses, apartments, studios and land in the Piața Cluj Sibiu neighborhood.

Piata Cluj

Piata Cluj

Real estate ads from Piata Cluj, Sibiu - Cibin area towards Magheranului. The mayors of Sibiu, historically speaking.

Cluj Square, the former name was Conrad Square. It is bordered by a school, a storefront and a nonstop. The park is arranged. In July 1947, the park is arranged, with the town hall in collaboration with the citizens of the area. In February 1948, a "Day Fireplace" was inaugurated. In February 1951, the Park arranged a playground, "by laying gravel and sand", and in May 1954 it was redesigned.
Why did I say it's a historic place. Because here, ONLY here, you can still see the rest of the tram line leading to Turnişor train station. Specifically, four metal posts, solid, two on one side and two on the other.

Kon Tiki Restaurant,
Happy Day Guesthouse
Important streets:
Str. Odessa, Str. Reconstruction, Str. Kiev, Str. Pedagogilor, Calea Șurii Mici (up to the railway), Str. Tudor Vladimirescu, Str. Paris, Str. Kogălniceanu, Str. Măgheranului, str. Câmpului.

The church between Brazi, is the oldest place of worship built by the Romanian United Church with Rome in Sibiu. The building was built between 1778-1788 in Baroque style with rococo elements. Around the place of worship are the tombs of some defenders and benefactors of the United Romanian Church with Rome, prominent personalities of the Transylvanian Romanian culture (George Barițiu, Alexandru Papiu-Ilarian, David Urs de Margina, Iosif Sterca-Șuluțiu, Ioan Rațiu, Alexandru -Voevod, Ieronim G. Barițiu, Ioan Vișa, Demetriu Munteanu, Dr. Ioan G. Pop de Galațiu, Valeriu Pop Harșianu.

Real estate projects in Piata Cluj, Sibiu:
Kogălniceanu neighborhood

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