Real estate ads in Sibiu, Central area

Real estate ads in Sibiu, Central area. Real estate ads with commercial spaces, offices, houses, apartments, pensions or studios, Piata Mare and Piata Mica.



Real estate ads in Sibiu, Central area, which includes the proximity of Piata Mare, Piata Mică, Piata Huet, Nicolae Bălcescu Street, which has been redeveloped and is largely pedestrian, starting in 2007, when Sibiu was the European Cultural Capital. The central core of the area that brings together the three historical markets - Piata Mare, Piata Mică, Piata Huet, Str Bălcescu, Papiu Ilarian, Xenopol, etc.

We discover Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu with flirtatious shops, restaurants and cafes, filled day and night by tourists and locals. At the end of the pedestrian turn left on Papiu Ilarian str. And we can explore the Citadel Park, where we will be impressed by the three buildings: the Pottery Tower, the Archbishop's Tower and the Carpenter's Tower. They are part of the third enclosure of the fortifications of the medieval city of Sibiu, built between 1357-1366, included on the list of historical monuments in Sibiu county in 2004.

In Piața Mare, we see the Sibiu City Hall a beautiful building, but also the Statue of Gheorghe Lazăr from Piața Mare. We cannot miss the Fantana with the grill from the Great Square - where in the medieval period the executions took place. We also visit the Roman Catholic Church - where the service is held in three languages. Sunday at 10:00 am in the historic center the bells of five churches are heard: Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox and two reformed churches.

Central area objectives:
- Stores
- Restaurants
- Pensions and apartments hotel regime
- Clubs
- Piata Mare,
- Piata Mica,
- Huet Square,
- Nicolae Bălcescu Street
- The statue of Gheorghe Lazar
- The Citadel Park
- The Tower of Pottery,
- The Archbishop's Tower and
- The Carpenter's Tower
- Council Tower
- Sibiu City Hall
- Roman Catholic Church
- The Bridge of Missions

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