Real estate ads in the area Calea Dumbravii Sibiu

Real estate ads in the area Calea Dumbravii Sibiu. Real estate offers with apartments, houses, spaces and lands for sale or rent in the area Calea Dumbrăvii Sibiu.

Calea Dumbravii

Calea Dumbravii

Real estate ads in the area Calea Dumbrăvii Sibiu, which starts from the intersection with Vasile Milea Boulevard and continues over 5 km to the Museum of Traditional Popular Civilization Astra.
Calea Dumbrăvii has been called this way since 1896. It was the road that led to barracks and Polygon (Hippodrome). In 1917 it was called Alpenkorps Strasse (the alpine body that beat the Romanians in the Olt Gorge). It was also called Goga - 1921, Dumbrăvii - 1921, Malinovski 1945.

Immortal objectives in the area of ​​Calea Dumbrăvii

Dumbrava Forest
The protected area complex of flora, fauna, landscape and culture, Dumbrava Forest, located at the southwestern limit of Sibiu municipality, towards Rășinari and having an area of ​​993 hectares, is part of the category of natural parks in Romania.
The complex itself brings together the Dumbrava Forest, the Zoological Garden, the recreational lakes, the Romsilva Sibiu headquarters and the Astra Museum of Traditional Popular Civilization.

In 1929, the first Zoological Garden in Romania was opened in the Dumbrava forest by the Sibiu Electric Plant, at the initiative of the engineer Szekely, who came up with the idea after finding some foxes while performing repair work at the Sadu Dam. After its establishment, the Zoological Gardens were given more animals and birds, such as a wild cat, a wolf donated by Obert von Spiess from the King, a wolf donated by the "Soil" Association, an eagle, a donated Carpathian deer. of hunters from Tălmăcel, boars, etc. And in 1930 the first bear was donated. It is worth mentioning the oak from the entrance to the garden, over 600 years old
Today the Sibiu Zoological Garden covers an area of ​​over 20 hectares. In 2006 an 800 sqm jaguar site was built and the recreational lake dam was rehabilitated. Lake number 2 of the Garden was redeveloped in 2007 and in the middle of it was arranged an island of 350 square meters. Also in 2007, the spaces for bears and jaguars were expanded, and in the following years the spaces of white wolves, lions, tigers, wild boars but also herbivores were expanded.

Museum of Traditional Popular Civilization Astra
The Museum of the Traditional Popular Civilization Astra, was located in Dumbrava Forest, 4 km from the city, on Calea Rășinari. The museum has been organized since 1963 under the name of the Museum of Popular Technique and has an area of ​​96 ha and an exhibition circuit of 10 km, houses original representative monuments in the value system of the traditional civilization of the villages in Romania.
Here you will find households made up of dwellings brought from different areas of the country, living interiors kept in their original form and all the annexes of the house, handicraft workshops, religious buildings (churches, trout), commercial (inns, bunkhouses), playful ( game pavilion, bowling alley, shack), installations of peasant industries, traditional means of transport, etc.

All the fields are illustrated, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, beekeeping, fishing and hunting, agriculture and grazing, fruit growing and viticulture, through specific households and specialized constructions, such as sheep, wineries, cherhanes, etc.

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