Real estate ads in the area Calea Cisnadiei Sibiu

Real estate ads in the area Calea Cisnadiei Sibiu. Real estate offers with apartments, houses, land and spaces, for sale or rent Calea Cisnădiei Sibiu area.

Calea Cisnadiei

Calea Cisnadiei

Real estate ads in the area Calea Cisnadiei Sibiu. Calea Cisnadiei is the "old" road that leads to the neighboring city, the city of Cisnadie. It starts from Aurel Vlaicu Square, one part houses, another blocks, practically exactly from Mihai Viteazu Boulevard. Noteworthy here are the former homes of the Soviet military, the first buildings in the area.
          In recent years the area of ​​Calea Cisnadiei has had the largest real estate development, practically in its extension, which a few years ago was only a field, and now there are dozens of new blocks, various assemblies and real estate projects that together offer thousands of apartments. The extension of the street is also known as Calea Cisnadiei, which is actually on the territory of the neighboring city, the city of Cisnadie.
          Important streets in the Calea Cisnadiei area:
  • Calea Cisnadiei
  • Streiu alley, which is more in Hippodrome IV;
  • Steaua alley, is an alley between four-storey blocks, where there is a kindergarten and a playground,
  • Sevis alley, which is the border line of Sibiu, beyond the territory of Cisnadie
  • Rahova Street
  • Dima Street
  • Siretului Street
  • Nicolaie Iorga Street
          Important objectives of the Calea Cisnadiei area:
  • Supermarket Profi
  • Top Tech
  • Mandra
  • Trans Agape
  • Kindergarten Nr. 43

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