Terms and conditions

Welcome to the website eurosibimobiliare.ro, a service offered by the real estate agency SC Sibiu New Real Estate SRL, Str. Calea Dumbravii, no. 133-135, Sibiu, Romania, company registered at the Trade Register Office near the Sibiu Court under no. J32 / 303/2016, fiscal identification code 35715555.

The present General Terms and Conditions will be updated periodically, being the obligation of the users to check each updated version. The continued use of the website eurosibimobiliare.ro represents the full and unconditional acceptance of the updated version of the General Terms and Conditions.

Section 1: General information

    eurosibimobiliare.ro represents a site for promoting the offers of sale and rent located in the portfolio of the real estate agency SC Sibiu New Real Estate SRL ("real estate agency").
    By using the function "send your offer" or "send your request", a request is initiated in order to conclude an intermediation contract between the user and SC Sibiu New Real Estate SRL.
    To use the functions of the site it is not necessary to create a user account.
    The service of publishing the offers / requests is offered free of charge to the users who conclude an intermediation contract with the real estate agency.


Section 2: Description of services

1. In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, eurosibimobiliare.ro has the obligation to provide a form of sending offers / requests regarding the sale / purchase / rent of the buildings of the users who want to conclude or have concluded an intermediation contract with the real estate agency.

2. eurosibimobiliare.ro reserves the right to temporarily restrict the possibilities of sending requests and accessing announcements, if this is necessary due to capacity limits, in order to maintain the security and integrity of the servers or to implement the technical measures and if it serves a correct and adequate execution, or improved, of the contractual services due (maintenance works).

3. After submitting an offer / request form, the user will be contacted by a representative of the real estate agency, in order to confirm the receipt of the announcement and to establish the conditions for collaboration.

4. only the offers / requests on which the user concludes an intermediation contract with the agency will be published on the website eurosibimobiliare.ro

Section 3: Requirements regarding the content and appearance of the ads


1. The users who send a request have the obligation to provide complete and correct information regarding the offered property (especially regarding the price and the surfaces) or the property they are looking for.

2. During the request submission process, the user must complete the required fields, and as far as he knows the additional information required by the introduction form, he must complete these fields as explicitly as possible.

3. Sale / rental offers may be accompanied by photographs. The user undertakes to insert in the databases of eurosibimobiliare.ro only those photographs that he is authorized to use without restrictions and which are not encumbered by the rights of third parties - especially intellectual property rights of third parties. The photographs used must not be misleading and should reflect the current state of the property offered in the request. The introduction of images can be a determining factor in the sale / rental process. The use of images that are not related to the property is forbidden. It is forbidden to use images that show signs (watermark, logo, name or others) of other competing real estate sites. It is forbidden to insert an image several times (duplicate images).

4. The request may not violate the legal provisions or good morals by formulation, content, visual presentation or the purpose pursued. It is forbidden to send discriminatory offers / requests / messages on the basis of race, nationality, language, religion, sex or sexual orientation, ethnicity, social category, beliefs, age, disabilities, chronic non-contagious diseases, HIV infection, belonging to an underprivileged category or any other category. assimilable situations.

5. Generally, it is not allowed in a request to include links to external web pages or to other external sources of information. Links in this regard also refer to unactivated web pages (URLs) and parts thereof. Links to additional images of externally hosted properties, PDF files or multimedia presentations are exempt, if they contain additional information about the published property (eg property expertise, video presentation, etc.).
Section 6: Search for properties and system integrity

1. Users can search properties in the databases eurosibimobiliare.ro exclusively through the search engines offered by the eurosibimobiliare.ro page. It is not allowed to search the properties bypassing the search masks, especially by using the search programs to access the databases of eurosibimobiliare.ro.

2. Activities that have as purpose the dysfunctionality or complication of the use of the website eurosibimobiliare.ro are prohibited. The user cannot take any measures that may result in the overburdening of the eurosibimobiliare.ro infrastructure or which users cannot reasonably expect to tolerate. Users are not allowed to block, rewrite or modify the content generated by eurosibimobiliare.ro or in any other way create a disturbance through the interference with the eurosibimobiliare.ro web page.

Section 7: Force majeure

1. In cases of force majeure, eurosibimobiliare.ro will be released from its obligation of execution. All unforeseen events will be considered as force majeure, as well as those events for which the performance of the contract is not responsible for either party. Such events will include in particular legal measures in strike situations, also when they occur within third companies, official measures taken by authorities, the failure of communication networks and portals of other providers, disruptions regarding network operators and others. failures, also if such events occur at the level of subcontractors, sub-suppliers and their subcontractors, or operators of sub-node data processors. There will be no claim for users for defects for which eurosibimobiliare.ro is not responsible.


Section 8: Copyright and usage rights


1. Following the conclusion of the intermediation contract, the user gives up all copyright on the images transmitted in the application form or later, which becomes free of charge the property of the real estate agency.

1. All rights are respected for all users (eg the right to information, the right to access data, the right to intervene on the data, the right to object, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, and the right to go to justice. ) regarding the protection of the persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data.

2. In order to be able to offer you the services on the website eurosibimobiliare.ro, our company must collect and process personal data and information. At the Section on the Policy of protection of personal data on the site eurosibimobiliare.ro we explain how we collect, use and transmit your data.


Section 10: Google Analytics

1. In order to optimize our services and improve our services, SC Sibiu New Real Estate SRL can use the Google Analytics service to track and record the traffic on the site. This service does not personally identify a user, does not request personal data, but it tracks the ip, what type of terminal you use (desktop, laptop, mobile), what type of browser you use, how long you spend on the site and what functions you use on the site- ul eurosibimobiliare.ro. By using the website eurosibimobiliare.ro you agree to the use by us of the google analytics service, in accordance with these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with our use of google analytics, you must configure your browser settings accordingly.

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In case you want to send us any request regarding the above details, please contact us in writing by accessing the contact form at http: //www.eurosibimobiliare or write to us at Str.Calea Dumbravii, Nr. . 133-135, Sibiu, Sibiu county, Romania.