Sales of real estate Sibiu in the Exclusivity system

The exclusivity contract is concluded between the owner and a single real estate agency and implies the exclusive granting of the right of representation in case of a sale, rent or purchase. Choosing this mode of collaboration means the best way of working in the agency-owner relationship. Selling a real estate property through the exclusivity system means from the real estate agency to find the solutions and get the best market price as if the agency were the owner. Unlike the classic brokerage in a normal system where the owner sets the price as he thought it was good, in the exclusivity system the real estate agency assists the owner through the specific tools of comparative market analysis, at his expense, to obtain all the necessary information in view of choosing the best price to sell the property. The choice of this type of service involves a firm contract between the agency and the owner, for a period established in the exclusive intermediation contract, during which the owner grants the exclusive right to the agency to sell the property, in exchange for paying a commission of 3% of the price. sale.
Through the exclusive service the Eurosib real estate agency is obliged to obtain, the energy certificate, the real estate certificate and other documents necessary for the real estate transaction, the credit file, at the expense of the agency.

Services / 27.09.2022

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