Brokerage for rent long term real estate properties in the normal system within the Sibiu county

In case the building is not rented the first step is the preparation of the building, which is the key to success for renting. The next step as a landlord is to provide the details of the property and to set up an appointment with one of our agents for rent in Sibiu, to visit the property. Your appointed agent will prepare a market research, including recent rentals, for similar properties near your property, for a fair estimate of the monthly rental price. After setting the price together with you, the agent will present you a marketing strategy adapted to the individual needs, with the right combination of promotion. The commissions paid by the real estate agency EUROSIB IMOBILIARE for the rental intermediation services are 50% of the value of the first month's rent from the owner, as well as 50% of the value of the first month's rent from the tenant, and will be paid at the time of drawing up the lease. .
After the rental contract is completed, the agent will tell you all the details and procedures for registering the rental contract with the tax agency.

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