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Real estate ads from Turnisor area, Sibiu, a neighborhood of Sibiu located in the West area of ​​the city, at the exit to Timisioara, Cluj, Sebes Alba. The Turnișor neighborhood in Sibiu starts from the bridge over Cibin - the railway crossing, the Alba Iulia road area and is limited by the West Industrial Zone of Sibiu, the Cluj Square neighborhood and the Carttrand neighborhood.
           The settlement was founded by Saxons and is documented since 1336. After 1734 landlords were established here. The locality was incorporated into the city of Sibiu after World War II. In the 1980s, within the systematization policy initiated by the Socialist Government of Romania, part of the Saxon houses were demolished and replaced with blocks of houses made of prefabricated materials.
           Although opposed as a geographical location, the districts of Turnișor and Gușterița have a somewhat similar history. Turnișor, for example, was an independent village until the second half of the 20th century. In German, Turnișorul is known as Neppendorf, from the founder's name: Neppen - Nepponius. The specialists believe that Turnișor was, for the most part of its existence, an authentic Saxon village, the name of "Turnișor" being given by Romanians because of the tower of the church that was dominant in the area.
           In Turnișor neighborhood are the most new residential projects in Sibiu started after 1990:
          Important streets in Turnișor district:
  • Calea Surii Mici
  • Calea Turnișorului
  • Autogarii Street
  • Mihail Kogălniceanu Street
  • Reconstructiei Street
  • Raului Street
  • Metalurgististilor Street 
  • Eduard Albert Bielz Street
  • Frunzei Street
  • Ogorului Street
          Important objectives of the Turnișor district:
  • Cibin River
  • Sibiu International Airport
  • School no. 10
  • Banks: BCR, Banca Transilvania, BRD, Alpha Bank, CEC Bank
  • Market (Kaufland, Lidl, Pepco, DM, Casa Rusu, Ambient, Diego, Metro, Sib Market)

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