Șoseaua Alba Iulia

Real estate listings in Soseaua Alba Iulia area of Sibiu. Ads for sale and rent of real estate area Soseaua Alba Iulia Sibiu.

Real estate ads from Șoselei Alba Iulia Sibiu area

Real estate ads from Șoselei Alba Iulia Sibiu area

The Alba Iulia Road is a main artery that runs through most of Sibiu, from West to East. It starts from entering the city from the town of Cristian-A1, continuing with the West Zone, the airport area and crosses the Turnișor District, culminating in the roundabout at the intersection of the streets of the Morilor - Tourism, near the Alba Iulia Complex. In the area of ​​Petöfi Sandor Park - the Pneumophysiology Hospital there were several mills, and a canal was parallel to it. It's been called this way since 1943. In fact, what is now a park was initially a watercourse, known as Mühlkanal (Mârlul / Canal Morii), which flowed from Cibin approximately from the Strand-Polygraphy area, crossing Pajiştea. Butchers (Fleischhauer-Wiese - "Fleischer stream" was still so called during the 50-60s), took it below the heights of the former and unfinished Citadel to reach the Philosophers' Alley, and then, crossing the Lower City and the current Lupeni area, he reached Cibin again. He was one of the utilitarian creeks running through the city.
           In passing, the Morii Canal fed the cold water bath on Băii street, the first such complex in Transylvania, fed the Heiden Mill and a bath. Beside the stream a passage was passing from the present street of the Hill and it reached the Alba Iulia Road. Here would have been the north-west part of the starry citadel of Sibiu, if it had been completed.
           The main objectives of the Alba Iulia Soselei area in Sibiu are:
  • Complex of restaurants, clubs, cafes (La Strada, Forever Restaurant, Alvis Com),
  • Gas stations (Mol, OMV, Petrom),
  • Shops (Kaufland, Lidl, Pepco, DM, Casa Rusu, Ambient, Diego, Metro, Sib Market)
  • SPA center ARIA
  • Car showroom (Mercedes-Benz | Honda | Autoklass Sibiu, Car Bavaria - BMW)
  • Sibiu International Airport
  • Banks: BCR, Banca Transilvania, BRD, Alpha Bank, CEC Bank
  • Atlassib station
  • Romanian Auto Registry - RAR
  • West Industrial Area
      Important streets:
  • Sos. Alba Iulia
  • Str.Slazburg
  • Calea Turnsorului
  • Str. E.A Bieltz
  • Str. Autogarii
  • Str. Malului
  • Str. Maramures
  • Str. Strandului
  • Str. Morilor
  • Str. Turrismului
  • Str. Europa Unita
  • Str. Turda

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