Real estate ads in Sibiu, Lazaret area

Real estate ads in Sibiu, Lazaret area. Real estate ads with sales or rent of houses, lands or apartments in Sibiu, Lazaret area.



Real estate ads in Sibiu, Lazaret area, district of Sibiu after the Gare Bridge, all that is to the right of the Gusteriţa Road, the railway lines - Cibin River - Viitorului Street / city boundary - A1 Highway - Henri Coandă Street - Forjorilor Street - Dorobanilor Street. Divided by the 1920s and initially inhabited mostly by Ceferists.

One of the tourist attractions in the area is the Steam Locomotive Museum, which was inaugurated in 1994 and features 35 steam locomotives, 2 steam cranes and 2 steam plows manufactured between 1885 - 1958 at plants in Romania, Germany, Sweden, USA. and Austria. 7 of the locomotives exhibited at the museum are functional and used on various occasions.

The Lazaret district extends from the rear of the Railway Station to the newly built bypass belt. The specialists say that the point of development of this district is the street Moara de Scoarță, a name that has remained since the late medieval period when there was even a bark mill that produced paper. The name "Lazaret" on the other hand, comes from the fact that on today's Transmixt Bus Station there was a Dominican Monastery, later moved inside the Sibiu City, in the space where the Ursulines Church is located. The old buildings of the monastery were thus transformed into a leper, also known as "Lazaret". Only the little church in the parking lot of the station remained. With the development of Sibiu the leprosy was "pushed" further to the periphery, beyond the railway we see in the third millennium.

The railway station is an important internodal area, ensuring the relationship between regional rail transport, regional car transport (AutogaraTransmixt) and urban public transport. The station area is connected to the central area by two one-way streets: 9 Mai street (on the direction from the station to the central area) and General Magheru Street (on the direction from the center towards the station area).

Important streets in the Lazaret neighborhood:
- Calea Gusteritei
- Henri Coandă Street
- Dorobantilor Street
- Viitorului Street
- Moara de Scoarta Street
-  Garii Street

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