Administration of real estate rented on a monthly fixed fee basis

If you are a very busy person, you do not want to take care of the management of the buildings for rent or you may not live in Sibiu and the administration of the property is a problem, here we intervene and we will help you with little effort from you. We do everything.
Based on the administration contract and the proxy of representation, we begin the effective administration of the rented building and we will deal with:
- receiving the rent at the terms stipulated in the rental contract and transferring it to the owner's bank account;
- the payment on behalf of the owner of all taxes and taxes to the state;
- periodic verification (monthly or quarterly) of how the building is used by the tenant;
- verification of payments incurred by the tenant to the utility providers (electricity, maintenance, gas, internet, etc.);
- informing the monthly owner or whenever necessary regarding the situation of the building and / or any problems arising;
- the conclusion or termination of the contracts with the suppliers, the registration of the new buildings in role;
- carrying out the mandatory checks at the gas installations, the thermal power plant;
- renewal of the compulsory and / or optional insurance policy of the property.
- Repossession of the building from the tenant

Services / 17.08.2022

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